Sylvie and Patrick Gaëlle Dérangère open their doors in the heart of the Cap Corse MARINE NEGRU (common OLMETA CAP), 45 minutes from Bastia, 20 minutes from St Florent, 15 minutes Patrimonio, and 10 minutes NONZA ...

The Relais du Cap is ideally located for enjoying the sea like mountains. You can enjoy a pebble beach that you reach some stairs ...

GPS :    N 42° 74 mn 7,5 s
   E 11073 mn 48 s


Cap Corse is the long spine extending into sea, about 40 km, the backbone of Corsica shale. A coastal road can go around and discover the picturesque beaches pebbles (the Navy Negru), small ports nestled in an indentation of the coast.

Discover the chapels and churches of Romanesque and Baroque, the sanctuary of Lavasina, old mills, Genoese towers including tower located Negru 200m Relay Cap .

A beautiful Genoese tower and a nice little Genoese bridge spanning the river complete the idyllic setting.

A hiking trail a few feet away takes you to Cape Olmeta (1:00) and to Bastia (8H) for hikers!

For fans, a walk on the Santier customs St. Florent. Initially the range of the Roya, you reach the beach Lotto, welcoming the passage of the remnants of the Genoese tower Mortella.

For fans, you will find a sandy beach a few kilometers.

Le RELAIS du CAP - Chambres d'hôtes & Studio - B&B - Patrick DERANGERE and daughter Gaëlle
Plage de la Marine de Negru - 20217 - OLMETA du CAP
Tel: 0033.(0)